Get ready to Sip, Dip, Eat!

Melting Pot Social® is a bar-centric, cheese-forward, whimsical dining experience with a creative culinary twist on the classic Melting Pot® restaurant. Dip into our social dining experience, where we come together over craft cocktails and curated bites.

Share connections, pics, and laughs with your favorite people. It's okay if you crave cheese tonight and a flambéed flatbread tomorrow, we've got you covered with a new American and modern fondue menu with a melting pot of global flavors! We’re talking mouth-watering fondue burgers, chef-curated entrées, melted raclette, soup and salads, and brunch bites from savory to sweet. We’re all about ooey-gooey, cheesy goodness, inventive sips, and velvety chocolate dips.

Melting Pot Social, MeltSO for short, features customizable cheese and chocolate fondue made at fondue bars as well as meltable, craveable, and shareable plates. The playful, inviting restaurant design is perfect to sip, dip, and eat at any time of the day, from quick bites to casual meetups to after work cocktails.

It’s time to choose your next food adventure! We’re shaking up cocktails and serving creative bites and fondue with a side of whimsy in a place where it's not only all right to play with your food – it's encouraged. Launched in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville with our flagship location opening in downtown Tampa, our menu goes way beyond fondue. Reservations encouraged and walk-ins always welcome. Come melt with us!

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